Friday, July 27, 2012

Glacier Weekend: Two Medicine

We had planned to take a quick trip up to Glacier last weekend and hike the Highline trail up to the Granite Park Chalet and then continue up to the fire tower on Swiftcurrent Mountain. Well, that hike will have to wait for another day, since the Highline trail is closed for another few weeks until a few snow hazards are gone. We still decided to head north, although our hiking plan of course changed. Grizz decided to take last Friday afternoon off of work so we could get an early start toward Glacier NP. We knew campsites at Two Medicine go quickly, but that is where we wanted to stay!

We were one of the last people to find a spot! I'm so glad that Grizz took off work when he did!

Once we claimed our spot, we headed over to the gift/snack store to explore (we've never been to Two Medicine before!). We knew bad weather was heading our way (the weather service said high winds and hail!), so this sight was not a surprise. It sure was fun to watch the storm roll in!

There was lots of lightening, thunder and rain, but thankfully no hail!

 Once it cleared up - maybe fifteen to thirty minutes later, we headed back outside to explore some more. Isn't that a pretty rainbow?!

We both stuck our feet in the lake. It was chilly, but not as bad as I thought it would be.

I loved this cloud/fog formation after the storm. Isn't it gorgeous?!

After walking around a bit, we headed back to the vehicle. Even before we knew there was a risk for hail, we decided to just sleep in the back of our Xterra. We wanted a quick get-away in the morning, and nothing is quicker than waking up, climbing into the front seat and heading out (we left the campground at around 5:30 am!).

PS: Don't you like our sheet selection? Grizz took it off my uncut pile in the sewing room, haha! I guess having a vintage sheet stash is helpful during camping season!

Glacier Weekend

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  1. This is where my husband, sons and grandsons spent the Dowell Boys spittin' scratchn' no girls allowed camping trip last summer!