Thursday, August 2, 2012

Glacier Weekend: Many Glacier Hotel

Many Glacier Hotel is one of the premier hotels in Glacier National Park. We've never stayed there, but after our hike, we decided to walk around and explore it a bit! (This picture is taken from the Grinnell Glacier Trail).

This was pretty great. Heidi's Snack Shop had ice cream - pretty fitting for this ice cream lover! It actually ended up looking just like a convenience store in the basement, but hey, my name was on it, so of course I loved it!

I didn't take any pictures inside (except, of course, the Heidi's sign), but know that is worth the look-over! The rooms are pretty average, but the common rooms are beautiful! I loved sitting out on the balcony drinking our Cokes, but we went back inside once Grizz got cold :p

We especially enjoyed walking down the main hallway toward the restaurant and looking at all the glacier pictures and reading about how the glaciers have changed over the years. As for the restaurant, we didn't eat there, but we did look at a menu... for a restaurant in a huge hotel in Glacier National Park, the prices weren't as bad as we expected them to be! We just weren't that hungry yet after our meal on the trail. We hope to eat there another time, and maybe even stay there with friends :)

Another adventure safely complete :)

Glacier Weekend
Many Glacier Hotel

PS: We drove home through Cut Bank, just because Grizz wanted me to see this bridge... it is a pretty fun railroad bridge!

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  1. Enjoyed the Grinnell Glacier posts, and now I need to add Cut Bank to my "to see" places, too.

    Linda H.