Thursday, July 26, 2012

My New Favorite Fabric

I found this large piece of folded fabric a few weeks ago at a garage sale. I payed the full $5 that the lady asked for, although I was still feeling guilty for buying it - I'm used to paying small amounts for small amounts of fabric. Then, I got back to the car, and I really looked at how much fabric was actually there... at least 5 yards! So, for $1/yard, I'm definitely not feeling guilty any more! 

Any ideas on how to date it?

It's such a great old print - it feels different than the cotton you can buy now-a-days. But perhaps I'm wrong and it's just a reproduction print?

Anyways, I cut right into it! I couldn't wait to use it! I made a tote bag first (tutorial here - although I did line it with the same fabric since it is a cotton instead of the bag material I used in the tutorial). I've also cut out an apron pattern, so as soon as I get done with a few necessary projects, I'll have a matching apron, haha!

 I'm pretty sure I held my breath while I cut a rummage sale doily in half to use as a decorative pocket. I know I bought it to use it, but it's still hard to cut into something like that!

I didn't want to hem the top of the "pocket", so I dug around my hat box of bias tapes, ribbons and edges. I found this blue bias tape that matched the bag perfectly - it is hard to imagine JCPenney's selling fabric and notions, but that's where this came from! (well, I got it at a rummage sale or a thrift store, but the package says JCP). Overall, I love my new bag! It's already been used on a few outings!

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PS: our patio tomatoes are actually changing color - it's a miracle! (I thought I killed the plant so many times throughout the summer, but it's pulling through!)


  1. I love the bag...sweet fabric and I think you'll the doily even more on the bag.

  2. Your bag looks beautiful and what a great price on the fabric! Thanks for sharing.
    Quilting at the River Linky Party Tuesday

  3. Great fabric!
    Years ago we purchased our fabric at a tiny locally owned fabric shop, JCPenneys, Montgomery Ward, Sears, through each of their mail order catalogs as well as the stores, *and* every department store had a fabric department. Ah, how times have changed!

  4. Great score on that fabric. Your tote is lovely.