Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Glacier Weekend: Grinnell Glacier Trail

Just a few of the sights from the trail :)

Grinnell Point - seen early on during the hike. 

A fun little pond, still full of snow and ice with Lake Josephine in the background.

 Angel Wing with some fun clouds... thankfully, no rain fell on us!

 Bear Grass with a background of Grinnell Lake - I just love that glacier water!

 Glacier Lily!

Angel Wing with Grinnell Lake in front. To the right you can see Salamander Glacier and Grinnell Falls. Out of view but just below and to the left of The Salamander is Grinnell Glacier which is right next to Upper Grinnell Lake. God is such an artist!

Here is Grinnell Glacier! (It's that dirty snow!).

And one last shot of Salamander Falls.

Let's review!
Salamander Falls falls from Salamander Glacier into Upper Grinnell Lake which is right next to Grinnell Glacier. From Upper Grinnell Lake falls the Grinnell Falls right into (lower) Grinnell Lake. All of this happens to the left of Mount Grinnell and to the right of Angel Wing :)

Glacier Weekend

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