Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Glacier Weekend: Grinnell Glacier Trail Closed

We knew when we started that the Grinnell Glacier Trail was closed toward the top due to snow hazards. This sign shows up about two miles after the Grinnell Lake turn-off. It just explains that there are snow hazards ahead and if you are smart you would only try to cross them with crampons and an ice ax :)

We continued on after that sign just so we could see how far we could go. We went around one small snow hazard, but we stopped when we came to this spot. This stream/waterfall was easily crossed, but it was a great place to eat our 10 o'clock meal (can you blame us for eating early after waking up so early?!).

We boiled water on Grizz's backpacking stove and ate one of those dehydrated meals. This one was Beaf Stew... it wasn't horrible!

Grizz enjoyed exploring that little snowbridge, but right after that stream/snow bridge the trail goes right under this waterfall. It is something that is crossable, but only if you want to get soaked!

 Plus, after you get passed the waterfall, you have to cross this. Doable with crampons and and ice ax for Grizz, but even with an ice ax, I'm not sure if I'd try! So, we couldn't get to end of the trail, but we had fun anways - even without getting to the top, the scenery was gorgeous!

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