Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Future Scrabble Ornaments

Remember when I was sooo excited to find this vintage scrabble game at a thrift store for $1? Well, a few weeks later I found another one for $2. Yeah, I was thrilled! So, after my parents left two weekends ago, I decided to keep my second bedroom clean for a little while and instead of sewing, I crafted!

I dug out my go-to stain (Early America from Minwax) and my trusty sandpaper...

... grabbed some boxes from their storage spot under my bed, and set up camp in the living room. (I just didn't feel like going out to the garage, so the lone sitting area of the apartment was my only good option).

I'm sure you're wondering why the sandpaper and stain was even necessary. Scrabble tiles alone are pretty fun, but not if they have pink stains or weird dark blotches on them. Yup, neither of my games were in mint condition... thus, they are only for craftiness! Before I got to work, I wasn't even sure if the sandpaper and stain would even cover up or take off the weird markings, but lucky me... they did!

 These all will be Christmas ornaments...

... but before I glue them together (perhaps with some cute detail-y additions), I want to "create" a few more words... I can't show you all the letters I stained this time, since some of them will be gifts!

However, I ran out of a few necessary letters (H's, L's, M's, etc)... guess I'll just have to keep thrifting... :)


  1. hope you can get your missing letters like H,L,M soon!

  2. I love Scrabble tiles, too. I'm thinking of using some for shelf labels, etc.