Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Room Tour

 Since my parents visited this past weekend, I needed to clean the second bedroom. (I suppose they needed a place to sleep!). Usually, this room is my sewing and craft room as well as a storage location for our winter/hiking/hunting/climbing things.

While it was cleaned up, I thought you'd like a tour!

In this corner... the bed :)

The window was a wedding gift made by a wonderful high school friend of mine. The "Blessed" print was a shower gift, and the other pictures were hung in mix-matched frames that we had on hand.

The small quilt was created by Grizz's mother for a shower gift. The dresdan circles were actually made by Grizz's great-great grandmother! My mother-in-law then took the blocks and pieced them with new fabric and hand-quilted it. Amazing!

She had just enough dresdan circles to create three quilts - this one and ones for Grizz's two sisters. It is a most treasured gift :)

 In this corner... is my crafting dresser... the drawers, from top to bottom: a random storage, crafty goodness (including wooden spools, bottle caps, paint, etc), clothes to sew with, table linens, and costumes. It is one full dresser! To the side of it you can see Grizz's bows. The closet is on to the right as well, but that's just all storage.

 Here are some sewing goodies. There are buttons, elastic, rick rack, ribbons, yo-yos and other notions, all neatly tucked away for the visitors. When I'm in the middle of a sewing wirlwind, these are not so neatly tucked away :) Oh, the wine bottle was a fun experiment... we used a pinterest tutorial to cut the glass, so a candle can fit right in!

 On the other wall... we have the desk. The desk is home to lots of random office supplies, but also my sewing machine and books.

Even after I've cleaned up, this area is still a little cluttered. Guess I need a bigger sewing room ;)

 Above the desk is this window decoration that I put together a few years ago. I repainted it last summer to better match it's new purpose (hanging pictures). Before getting married, it held my hanging earrings and was highly decorated with beads and vintage jewelry (too cluttered for a bedroom shared with Grizz!)

 The last corner... sigh... my fabric and other storage tubs. There is yarn and non-cotton scraps in the hanging hoop hoppers, fabric is in one tub and two baskets, scraps are in a bucket in there somewhere, card-making supplies are in the blue tub, there's batting and fabric on a bolt by the filing cabinet, random craft supplies in the hidden tub, and my unfinished quilts all stacked nicely on top of it all. Yikes. If we weren't planning on moving in a year or so, I'd definitely be on the lookout for a bookshelf or cabinet to hold all this stuff!

 The bed side table holds some books, photo albums and guest towels. It displays some painted wine bottles...

 ... a fabulous lamp from my sister-in-law, and a journal for guests to write in (which reminds me, I need to go write about my parents' visit, as they didn't take the time to journal!).

 One last wall-hanging... this was at a thrift store... I thought it was perfect for a room of creations - keep climbing till that project is finished! :)

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  1. A great space to create and a bed to sleep on when visitors come - perfect!

  2. Its very brave to have a combo guest-craft room! My guests would be buried beneath all the crafting supplies. It's so challenging to come up with just the right array of storage options, but that's something I want to tackle. Your room looks great!
    <3 Christina
    Wildly Original Round Up party is open.

  3. Great room and I agree that having to share it as a spare room can be tough!

  4. You've done a great job combining two uses into one space.