Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Parents Visiting = Glacier Day Trip

 My parents arrived in the late afternoon of Friday. It was rainy. It was also rainy on Saturday, but we decided to head up to Glacier National Park. Dad really wanted to get up there before we moved back... specifically, he wanted to see a glacier.

 The drive up was uneventful (well, other than we were able to stop at a small-town antique shop! Mom bought me two small goodies while the boys went to an outdoors store). Usually on the drive north, you can see the mountains the entire time... not this time, too cloudy. My heart was sinking...

 We did let the rainy weather stop us from enjoying ourselves though! We took a short hike (2.6 mi round-trip) to see Deadwood Falls. The hike was mostly in a valley, so we were protected from wind and it only rained/snowed a little bit.

 We made it!

 Grizz has been on this trail twice before. Once when we was with the Glacier Mountaineering Society on a hike up Fusilade Mountain... the other time was he realized he wanted to marry me :) You know, I think I like this trail :)

They aren't the tallest falls in the world, but they were powerful!

 Here's Dad getting a better view!

 Just look at that water. I love the streams and lakes in Glacier, especially in the spring. The water is such a pretty blue-green! Grizz has said before, the coloration is from the glaciers in the park... I read more about that here...

 The last stop on our hike before turning around was this bridge. The boys went across it first.
 I followed. It definitely swayed some!

 Back on the Going-to-The-Sun Road... the clouds did clear out some, so we could see more of the mountains...

 ...although the peaks were still shrouded...

 The clouds almost made the mountains feel taller, since we couldn't see where they ended!
 Still beautiful... Dad did get to see his glacier from the road. Jackson Glacier is visible from the Going-To-The-Sun Road... it was hiding in the clouds, but you could still see the outline!
 Across St. Mary's Lake is this gorgeous waterfall. It's called Virginia Falls. I hope to hike there someday soon... the hike actually looked pretty easy - and you get to see St. Mary's Falls along the way.

 Here's Wild Goose Island again...

We almost turned toward home after the Going-To-The-Sun Road, but we decided to see as much as we could while we were there... it turned into the best decision we could make! (Click here to find out why!)

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