Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Fire-King and a Dishtowel

 Remember that day trip up to Glacier we took when my parents visited? Well, we had to go through a few small towns on the way, and yes, there's an antique store in one of them :) I had already stopped there once, but I resisted buying anything. The only reason I like antique stores is because I grew up walking around them with my mom, grandma and my aunt. Ever since, I'm drawn to them. SO, if I get a chance to go to a store with any one of those ladies (mom, grandma, aunt, AND now my mother-in-law too!), you know I'll go for it. Thus, Mom and I got to walk through the store while the boys went down the street to some outdoors/gift store/thing. It was so fun!

 We were of course looking for anything in the patterns Mom collects (American Fostoria and Pink Adam Depression Glass) or for things that I'm starting to collect... like etched glassware for my "holiday" table setting. I have started to veer away from my pattern-based-collections background (each lady had their specific patterns that they sought after). Instead, I'm looking for usable treasures and/or things that I love. For instance, at one point I called the Depression Glass pattern of "Miss America" MY pattern. I've changed my mind... I still like that pattern the most, but I also love green depression glass of any pattern. In simple terms, my collections are no longer pattern specific :)

 This little refridgerator dish (sadly, without lid) was something that caught my eye at the store. It's Blue Sapphire by Fire King by Anchor Hocking. I think I remember Grandma having a similar piece :)

One, I love Fire King (I'm on the look-out for a Jadite mixing bowl and batter pitcher).
Two, it reminds me of Grandma.
And three, it's usable... Grizz already stated that it would be a great butter dish, and I've already used it for a quick chips and salsa snack :)

I also grabbed this fun blue and yellow dishtowel. I loved the birdies and the flowers.
Now, to figure out it's crafty end :)  I have a few ideas already!

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