Friday, May 11, 2012


Neighbor and I had planned on going to JoAnns and to the Salvation Army after school today (Neighbor wanted to get her own rotary cutter, mat and ruler and Salvation Army was having a 50% off everything sale!)

However, I did not get called in to sub today! So, we got to spend the afternoon perusing thrift stores, antique shops and craft stores. WHAT FUN!

I found a few sheets at the thrift stores, and I bought a few quilting necessities at JoAnns. 

Neighbor picked up some fabric at the thrift stores and some scrapbooking stickers at the craft shops (not to mention her rotary cutting tools!).

Neither of us bought anything at the antique stores, but we had fun comparing family heirlooms and choosing things we would buy if we had all the money and space in the world :)

Have you guessed yet as to what my favorite purchase of the day was?

Yup, you're right... a vintage Scrabble board game!

A quick google search says that this game was sold between 1976 and about 1980, and eBay sellers are trying to get about $10 for similar games.

It is a complete set - all 100 tiles and 4 tile holders. The tiles look a bit worn (any idea what made the wood look like that?) and the box has some scratches and worn edges. Overall, I'm quite pleased with the condition!

AND it was ticketed at only $1.95 PLUS it was 50% off! I'm so thrilled! 

To be honest, I plan on using the tiles for fun crafty projects that are littering Pinterest... if it's only worth ten bucks on eBay and I got it for a dollar, I don't mind using it (gasp, right?). Besides, we got a brand new Scrabble game for our wedding :)

 This score pad was in the box... it's fun imagining who used to play this game! 

O Happy Day!

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  1. That's neat! Scrabble is one of my favorite games! You got such a great deal! :)