Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I was able to teach my Montana friends about pizza sandwiches while camping a few weeks ago. This is something I learned from my college roommates - you can buy the sandwich/pie makers in the camping section, then just butter the bread, spread on pizza sauce and add cheese and pepperonis! You can also make regular grilled cheese or even pies for desert (butter the bread but use canned pie filling instead of pizza stuff!). Not even Grizz had done this before, so I really enjoyed it when everyone loved them!

 Can you see that black strip on the hillside? This is a few blocks away from our apartment building - on July 4th, a grass fire happened over here on the edge of town. It started from fireworks, but thankfully no homes were damaged!

 Last weekend, we headed up to Glacier (more posts about our trip later)... we were nervous about getting a camping spot, so it was very difficult to be patient while waiting for a pilot car!

 We actually had to wait twice for pilot cars to take us through construction areas. The second time was because the new bridge is almost done! I love this picture where you can see the mountains in the background - we're almost there!

 The next morning, we got an early start while hiking to Grinnell Glacier. This is Grinnell Lake - isn't it just beautiful?!

We actually couldn't get all the way to the glacier (we could see some of it though), as there were snow fields still blocking the trail. Grizz would have just walked over them if he had his ice ax along, but instead we were content just to sit above Grinnell Lake and make lunch (at 10 o'clock... we woke up at 5 and were hiking by 7, so we were hungry!)

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  1. Love the lake picture also. We will have to tyr to make it to Glacier Park some time. It looks just as beautiful as Yellowstone.