Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Instagram Overview of San Diego

 We flew out of Bozeman because it was cheaper. To get there we had to go through Helena. Things were going wonderfully, but then we heard a weird noise by the back tire - I though we ran over something but Grizz thought maybe something just flew into us. We didn't worry about it until we were a few miles outside of Helena when the tell-tale thuds of a flat tire halted us in our path. Grizz and I put that doughnut on it no time (the first time either of us have had to do it on an interstate!) and we were heading toward Walmart. Forty-five minutes later, we were on our way again. After getting stuck behind a semi, getting through construction (including following a pilot car for a bit), and checking Google Maps on my phone like every ten minutes for updated estimated arrival times, we were through security at the airport with 20 minutes to spare. We had planned on having an hour and a half to spare. Thank goodness we scheduled that extra time in!

During our layover, we gladly relaxed and ate lunch: me with my cheeseburgers and Grizz with his Chinese!

 While in Cali, we were surrounded by unusual things - spiky plants, slimy bugs and of course the ocean. I'm blessed to have a brother who lives in a perfect place to visit :)

 We had so much fun visiting with my brother and sister-in-law, oohing and ahhing over the new baby, and of course hanging with this little dude. I do believe I have the cutest little relatives ever (that of course includes the niece and nephew in SD!).

Sadly, all trips must end... but I did get some sewing in! We had over a 2 hour layover on the way back... hexie time!

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  1. OMG I just got home last night from San Diego - we passed like ships in the night!