Monday, March 5, 2012

Embroidered Napkin Decor

Slowly, slowly, I'm starting to get the 2nd bedroom back under control: it's the location of a random assortment of *stuff* --> everything from my sewing machine to Grizz's hunting bow. You've seen the Hanging Hoop Hopper here, and I've had the embroidered napkins for a few weeks (thank you thrift store!)

 Last night, as I was walking around the apartment, in and out of rooms but not doing much of anything, I had an ephiphany. I've seen lots of hanging hoop artwork around the internet (primarily Pinterest), and I knew I had the napkins mixed in my stash of vintage linens.

 Miraclously, the hoop I had on hand actually fit the napkin - I just plopped it in and hung it up on a push-pin. Instant decor!

But, then I decided that I needed to clean it up... so today I did this:

 I started with the "Mr" napkin... rather wrinkly, eh?

 I grabbed a heavier cotton from my stash and I ironed both items...

 Instead of sewing the two fabrics together, I decided to just layer them. The hoop will hold things in place.

 Aren't embroidering hoops just amazing things? Kudos to whomever invented them!

 I decided to trim the excess. I probably could have just tucked it behind, but it was easier and quicker just to trim, and I don't see how else I'm going to use these napkins - no need to save!
And, done! It makes me laugh that the "Mr" napkin is stained more than the "Mrs" one!

 I followed the same steps with the "Mrs" napkin.

I still have one more hoop... so, either I'll find another goodie to hang as artwork, or I'll make another hopper. So fun :)