Monday, March 5, 2012

A Week of Instagrams

My usual Sunday post totally slipped my mind - we were busy with church, snowshoeing and then supper with the Neighbor. I'm home this morning as I didn't get called in to sub (I have an appointment this afternoon, so I would have only been able to sub in the morning anyways)...

On to the instagrams!

 I finished the blocks! I finished the blocks! I'm almost done putting the blocks into rows, but then I need to put the rows together and put an edging on it... busy busy!

 So, this isn't an instagram, but it does show my lonely breakfast on Monday with Grizz away for a few days at a training.

 Subbing on Tuesday: Mythbusters. With Freshman. The same episode 5 times. Sigh.

 Subbing on Friday: Also with Freshman. The same video 5 times... but I did like this sign in the classroom. Seems more like it fits more in an elementary classroom, but its still catchy!

 Saturday: Grizz making asparagus. I made this - found it on Pinterest! Grizz liked it :)

Sunday: Neighbor made us supper... couscous was on the menu. My Maid of Honor used to make this a lot during college. Weird health nuts ;) Don't know what couscous is? Um, its a very small grain, kinda, yeah, maybe you should just look it up? Enjoy!

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