Monday, August 19, 2013

Studio Spotlight

Ellison Lane Quilts

Jennifer over at Ellison Lane Quilts is having a "Studio Spotlight" series and has encouraged us to all share our "studios"...

Well, let's just say that ever since Peanut arrived and initially took over our 2nd bedroom (which used to be my sewing space), my sewing machine has been hopping around the apartment. For awhile, I was on the kitchen table, but then the kitchen table was sent back to SD with Grizz's parents. 

Have I mentioned that we're moving soon? ... maybe just a few times, right? :)
So, my sewing machine moved again onto this rolling TV tray/magazine holder.
BUT... I sold that on Craigslist, remember?

Thankfully, I've had quite a bit of handwork to do (I'm attaching the binding to my handsewn quilt!), so my sewing studio has been on this rocking chair :)

If I get to really sew again before we move (we're moving in about a month), I'll probably have to move the machine onto our kitchen counter or something, ha! Until then, my faithful machine is sitting in the 2nd bedroom, surrounded by my other sewing things, packed boxes, partially packed boxes and packing materials :)

Make do or do without, right?! I prefer making do!

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And guess what tomorrow is... DAY 1 of the Hexie Blog Hop!! Yippee!


  1. Yay for hand work! Your back must have hurt when you were using that tv tray... where did you put your feet?!

  2. Sounds like you are close to ready for the move. So glad you have some hand work to keep you busy.

  3. Hooray for handwork and good luck with the move! I hope you have enough handwork to keep you satisfied till the machine is unpacked. :-)