Sunday, February 10, 2013

Yellowstone in Winter - Post 3

 The first afternoon was spent xc skiing. After we went a ways, we needed to stop since there were bison on the trail! I'm glad we didn't get as close as the guy in the middle of the picture...

 ... this was close enough! The bison left the trail, but they were still close by when we skied past.

 Our destination was to a geyser/spring that our bus driver told us about. It was really interesting. (Blacksand Pool)

Every so often, you could actually feel "booms" through the earth, which would be followed with the spring bubbling.

 Not only was it a booming pool, but it was pretty, too :)

 We decided to just go hiking the second day. We took the observation point trail(?) to the solitary geyser. I was the first to spot the above bison, which of course, was conveniently on the trail... everyone else though it was a rock at first!

 Unlike the bison the day before, this one did not show any interest in leaving the trail.

We were able to get a good rest in before we decided to go off trail up and around the blockage. We passed the bison with no incident!

 The Solitary Geyser. It would supposedly go off every five minutes with a spout a few feet in the air. We never did see it shoot up, but we did see plenty of bubbles!

We choose to make the loop instead of going back past the lone bison :)

So, that's all for the posts on Yellowstone. It definitely is worth a trip during the winter... fewer people and yet the scenery is still gorgeous!

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