Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Yellowstone in Winter... 2nd Post

In order to enter the park during the winter season, you either have to be on a snowmobile or your have to pay to ride a snowbus. 

Our snowbus was scheduled to leave West Yellowstone in the morning (we stayed there the night before). However, as we were starting to pack up (we had to drive about 4 blocks to where the snowbus was going to meet us), Grizz locked the keys inside the vehicle... while it was running! Thankfully, there was a repair shop next to our hotel, and Grizz was able to borrow a screwdriver and a flexible metal rod to break into our vehicle. Long story short, we still made it to the snowbus before it was scheduled to leave!

 Our snowbus was pretty much just a Chevy Suburban with four triangular treads instead of wheels. It was a full vehicle (11 people) for the two hour drive to Old Faithful, but it was nice to see the scenery and wildlife without worrying about the roads.

 We spent that afternoon cross-country skiing. Neighbor had never xc-skied before and it had been awhile since her fiance had tried it, so it was fun helping them learn. There were a lot of trails around Old Faithful for us to explore!

Thankfully, Scooter didn't slow me down too much... here's a 28 week bump picture :)

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