Saturday, January 26, 2013

Picturesque Yellowstone

This past weekend, we headed down to Yellowstone with a few of our friends (Neighbor and her Fiance). We stayed one night in West Yellowstone and then we were taken into the park, where we stayed one night in a cabin near Old Faithful. I'll post more about what we did and what we saw in future posts, but to begin, here are some of the scenes and sights that we were able to enjoy :)

 Even in the middle of winter, when everything should be white and blah... color was bountiful in Yellowstone!

 Steam/fog/mist was everywhere as heat came out of vents and geysers and even rivers.

 Old Faithful was as amazing as ever - during the day, at twilight and from the Observation Point trail.

 Bison. Bison. Everywhere. Those future posts of mine will describe a few run-ins with them while we were on the trails, but here, let's just enjoy the steady serenity they seem to posses as they calmly dig through the snow for food.

 Last but not least, a few quick details... it has been awhile since I've had such great lighting while using my camera, so I couldn't pass these moments up!

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