Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Snowy Time Of Year

In our neck of the woods, we get snow and then it melts the following week... then we get some more snow and it melts again (even if 15 inches fell!). We both grew up getting snow and then it would stay so cold that the snow would stick around all winter, so this snowing and melting stuff has taken some getting used to! Thankfully, we're only about an hour away from a few different mountain ranges where the snow (usually) sticks around!

 The Sunday after Thanksgiving, Neighbor, Neighbor's Fiance, Grizz and I all took a drive to the national forest nearby... it was time to get our Christmas Trees! It was perfectly a winter wonderland that day with the snow lightly falling as we searched and searched for the perfect trees. Then, just two weekends ago, Grizz invited a few coworkers to go snowshoeing in a different mountain range. Only one took us up on the offer, and there wasn't enough snow to snowshoe. However, we still had fun just hiking around. Plus, it was perfect snow to make a snowwoman! (That's Barbara the snowwoman in the bottom corner!)

We hiked near a ski hill, which hasn't opened yet. The lift still made a great photo!

Here we are on the tree-cutting day. We love snow :)

While waiting for Neighbor and Fiance to cut their tree down, we attempted a bump picture. Sure, I have a fuzzy vest on top of two thin layers, but I will still claim it :) This was taken when I was almost at 20 weeks... today marks 22 weeks completed! Woot woot!

 Finally, here are a few pictures from Giant Springs, a local state park that is just gorgeous... especially after the first "big" snowstorm of the year that happened about a month ago. Again, we love snow :)

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