Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Starts Tomorrow!

 We fly home tomorrow to see both families! I've been waiting so long for this... sure we saw my side of the family in September, and we spent a two weeks back home at the beginning of August... but there is just something special with being able to celebrate Christmas with family. We are only staying a week, which means we fly back the day after Christmas, but I'm not complaining since we did find a pretty good deal on our tickets. I greatly look forward to the day when we move home and we can see family and friends whenever we want :)

The top picture is taken in front of our neighbor's tree... Grizz thought our tree was too messy. We had just gotten home from our Christmas Cantata (Grizz had a solo!). We were supposed to wear black, blue and/or white to match the books we were holding. Last night, I cleaned up the tree a bit, so I could try my hand at photographically capturing our second tree together. We also had fun playing with the tripod and the timer :)

Sadly, the ornaments are now all taken down, along with the rest of the Christmas decorations. To reduce a fire hazard of a live tree sitting in our apartment for a week without water, we decided it was best to take it down before our trip home. Without the tree up, I decided just to go ahead and take everything down. At least when we come back, the apartment will be clean so I can spend the rest of Christmas vacation creating and sewing!

I'll leave you with a few pictures of our drive to Missoula (we went there this weekend for a basketball game... our alma mater was playing!).

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas season and are able to spend lots of time with family and friends! 

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