Monday, August 27, 2012

Retrieving the Game Cam

A week ago, he went with a co-worker to install a "Game Cam" in some nearby mountains (he has an archery elk tag in the same mountains that he hopes to cash in on in a few weeks). The archery elk season starts this coming Saturday and the camera is not supposed to be used during the season. Because Grizz is gone all this week to a training, we had to go retrieve the camera yesterday... therefore, we spent a few hours hiking together :)

 While hiking, we spotted this freshly-roughed-up tree... courtesy of an elk who is still shedding his velvet antler coverings! When Grizz and his co-worker went to install the camera, they saw four bull elk. We saw one cow elk ourselves yesterday. Add that to all the droppings (fun word, huh?!) we saw, and we know that there are definitely elk moving throughout the area!

Without any further ado...  the game cam pics... you can click on them to enlarge them!
 Just the antlers

 I think he's sniffing the camera...

 I spy with my little eye... a butt :)

 Ohp, there's the butt again

 Eight hours later.. still the same guy?

 Hey, we have color now (one minute after the previous pic)!

 Just a deer.

And Bambi says... "Wait for me, Mom!"

Just in case if you are not the hunting type, but you made it through this entire post... here's a pretty picture, just for you :) Thanks for reading!

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