Tuesday, November 13, 2012

An Explanation and An Update

Howdy, howdy! Wow, it has been awhile! And, although I know I don't owe an apology for my lack of blogging (it's not like my little corner of the bloggy-world is a rare commodity or anything), but I am excited to share an explanation :)

A little one will be joining Grizz and I in April! I will be 18 weeks tomorrow... almost halfway, ha! Thus, my blog had been put on hold while my body adjusted to growing a human being - tired and sick can pretty much explain my life since I was around 6 weeks pregnant! I've also been subbing almost everyday, which cuts down on my energy (we won't even talk about how unused my sewing machine has been!).

I'm slowly searching the thrift stores, second-hand stores and Craigslist for baby items. Above you can see the all-terrain stroller we bought for $20! The front wheel locks in place, so it will be a perfect jogging stroller, too :) We also have purchased a crib and a changing table.

While my sewing machine hasn't been used since August, I have done a few crafty things here and there. I've made some scrabble Christmas ornaments, crocheted Scooter's Christmas stocking, and decorated a few wooden blocks for the baby room. Pictures coming soon (or at least eventually)!

 Here's a little snippet of the project that finally got me motivated enough to take out the sewing machine today... it helped that Grizz is off on a hunting trip and I didn't get called in to sub today :)

 So, I'll be quilting that project while watching my college basketball team play their first home game of the season. The picture above is of the point guard... it was fun to see the short story on him in the November issue of Sports Illustrated! (Our college isn't used to that kind of attention!)

Finally, we received 15 inches of snow last weekend. I'm pretty sure it will be melted by the time this weekend comes around. I'd rather the snow stuck around a bit more, but hopefully there's more snow in our future this winter! I can't wait to snowshoe in the mountains... I will stay off the ski slopes, though, don't worry... Scooter will be safe :)