Thursday, August 23, 2012

My old bedroom...

Not a lot of sewing has gone on around here lately... actually, not of lot of anything has been happening. But, thankfully, I took a lot of pics while we were back home for a two week vacation so I can at least show you something (well, it was two weeks for me but Grizz had to spend one week at work training...). 

Here are some pics from my old bedroom :)
 My iron bed - used by a hired hand way-back-when at my grandparents' farm. It was red at the time. Mom took it from my grandparents' basement when I needed a big-girl bed and painted it white with a few small painted details on the flowers. Perhaps in middle school or at the beginning of high school, I finally got permission to change my bedroom - wallpaper and painting furniture... so, as a 4-H project, I refinished the bed once again into what you see now.

 The quilt is one I used throughout college and the one year I taught before getting married. It's a log cabin pattern made my the ladies at my home church as a graduation gift.

When I realized it wasn't cool to where high school athletic shirts in college, I spent a summer cutting them up, ironing on some interfacing and sewing them together. This quilt is huge. Mom was the one who finally finished it as a birthday gift to me in my junior year of college, but I was in charge of tying it!

 This was my first, true, pieced, tied, and bound quilt I ever made. I think it happened during a high school summer (4-H project!). It is the Yellow Brick Road pattern that you can still find in quilt shops - a great beginning pattern that uses fat quarters!

 I love books, but I never had enough space in my bookcase. My oldest brother had the bigger bookcases in his room... Grandma Q made a Sunbonnet Sue quilt for each of her granddaughters before she passed away. Some of us got pink ones and some of us got blue ones. It is definitely a cherished keepsake!
*I'm not sure what that lamp is doing there... I did not put it there... so, let's just ignore it, huh? :)

 I used to spend a lot of time during my childhood just staring at all the stitches!

 My room is definitely not as organized as it used to be. It is mainly a storage room for all my childhood things, plus wedding gifts and other things that we don't have room for in our two-bedroom apartment.  Along with storing all my stuff, it also has two twin beds and a crib... so it's slightly full ;)

 Perhaps I shouldn't even talk about the closet. I love this closet... a walk-in with built in shelves... shelves big enough that I had a friend actually sleep in one at a middle school slumber party :)

 Yup, in those shelves :) which now are home to college books, notes, photo albums... oh, and a record player and a pampered chef cookie pan!

 Look, a wedding dress! If you go up two pictures above this one, in the back are the banners that Mom made for the wedding. All those baskets were decorations at the wedding too.

And there are my childhood photo albums and scrapbooks. I'm going to have a lot of fun clearing this bedroom and closet out someday. Memories!

Yes, Parents, I promise, as soon as we get a house, most of this will leave your house ;)

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