Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Quilt Full of Prayers

About two weeks before we headed on our two week trip to visit family and friends back home, we heard some scary news. One of Grizz's aunts was diagnosed with breast cancer and was starting chemo treatment soon.

 Right away I knew I wanted to make her a lap quilt. I texted Grizz's sister to find out the aunt's favorite color - turns out she has always loved dark purple! Crazy enough, I had some dark purple in my stash, along with the other fabrics you see in the quilt top. I only bought some matching purple for the borders and the fabric for the back.

 I feel like I'm getting more confident in my random-patchwork-placement. Of course, as I continue to stare at this quilt, I see a few blocks I would have switched, but I still love it :)

 I asked a quilting lady from church who has a long arm machine if she'd be willing to quilt it for me - just a quick stipple pattern. She happily agreed and brought it back to me the next day... WOW! I would have just done echo quilting along the blocks if she didn't have time (seeing that I was in a time restraint and leaving the next week!), but I'm very thankful she took care of it. That gave me a week to add the binding, which I finished hand-sewing in the car on the way home :)

 This was my first time adding cornerstones to the borders. I really like how it looks, so I look forward to using the technique more often. I'll reveal my nerdy side and say that I loved doing the mathy measurements to make them fit just right ;)

We brought the quilt over to the aunt's house while we were staying with Grizz's parents. They only live about half an hour away. The treatment she is on is suppose to have a very high success rate, so we just continue to pray that everything goes well and that she feels better soon!


  1. Heidi,
    It is beautiful. I am sure she will fell so wrapped in love when she uses it. Sending prayers her way for a speedy treatment and recovery.

  2. There are few comforts equivalent to those in a prayer quilt. I hope she enjoys seeing, touching, and being blessed by this quilt as she heals. Good for you for making it for her.

  3. I like all your fabric choices together here ; )