Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Grizz's Cousins' Baby Gifts!

 Grizz's cousins are expecting any day now (I know, I know, it's been a busy summer for babies, right?!), so I whipped up a gift for them before heading home for a two-week break from Big Sky Country. This cousin farms with Grizz's dad and uncle, so while spending time at Grizz's parent's house we headed over to their house to give them their gifts.

The only fabric I bought specifically for the quilt top was the cute International boy fabric from JoAnns. I made sure to check with Grizz before putting another other than Green-John-Deere into the quilt, but he assured me that there's a red, vintage tractor or two lying around the family farms :) The other fabrics were from my stash (remnants, thrift stores or rummage sale finds) - I was trying to get the old-farming-feel of having to use old clothing for quilts... so I added plaids, striped shirtings, corduroy and seersucker :) 

 To offset the red tractors on the front, I bought some John Deere flannel (JoAnns) for the back and some cotton (Fabric.com) for the binding. I can just see a little farmer boy having tummy time on either side of this quilt!

 Just look at that cute kiddo - and that puppy! Love it!

 This tan fabric gave me so much trouble! Whatever I had left after this project went in the trash. It was so slippery... it must have been polyester. I'm a little worried that it might slip out of it's seams, but I added some fabric glue and I warned the mommy-to-be that if it happens to let me know, and I will put a patch over it or something :)

 The finish off the gift, I folded it up, and along with this bundle of two burp rags (a strip of flannel sewn to fabric diapers), put it into a matching bag!

 If they already have a baby bag, I figured this could be used to hold toys or even dirty clothes in the baby room :)

The patchwork is all farm and western related scraps. I used denim along the outside and more of that same John Deere Flannel from the quilt back for the lining. I guessed on all the measurements for the bag and just kind of winged it as I made it... I look forward to trying different sizes/shapes in the future, as I do love the idea of making a bag to give baby quilts away in!

(Pretty sure I loved taking pictures at my parents' place - so many background options!)

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  1. Very cute quilt and the bag is a great idea. I think that has a very nice vintage farm feel. I just quilted a baby girl quilt for a customer that was John Deere PINK! It was cute too. Nice job.

  2. What a great quilt and the tractor fabric will make it so special to them! I have some older quilts with poly/cotton in them and have had no problems. Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion at the River Linky Party Tuesday

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  5. Impressive work! :) These are perfect baby gifts to give away especially this coming holidays.