Sunday, July 8, 2012

Thrifty Kitchen Finds

I think one of my favorite parts about going thrifting and antiquing is all the learning I do while researching different items! It's just amazing how much information you can find online about vintage and antique glassware. Back when I was younger and going antiquing with Mom and Grandma, all we had was a few books with price lists and reproduction information. 

Anyways, here are a few of my finds lately. I probably am done buying casseroles, but I would still love a few bowls! But, even if I don't buy anything, I can still research things that I see and compare prices to Ebay! :) And another fact, if Grizz thinks I need to get rid of any of these pieces before we move again, I'm not out a lot of money (I definitely didn't buy these things at an antique store!)... perhaps I'd try selling them first though?

 This was found at a garage sale in Helena. Before this item, I didn't know Fire-King made items that looked like Pyrex! This pattern doesn't have a name, but it is commonly referred to as Cornflower Blue - not to be confused with Corning's Cornflower Blue!

 I bought this 2 qt item for $2.

This pyrex piece is a Goodwill Find. It is the smallest size of cinderella mixing bowls in the Crazy Daisy Spring Blossom Green nesting series.

 I have already used it quite a bit. My favorite part is the spouts on the side - they look like handles, but are actually great for pouring!

 Since taking this picture, I have cleaned this part - magic eraser did the job well!

 Remember when I said that I want a Fire-King Jadite Swirl or Batter Bowl? Well, turns out my grandma has one that she still uses! Isn't that cool?

This small bowl was another thrift store find.
It is the small milk glass bowl by Fire-King, and would match so well to some jadite ;)

 Last but not least... A divided casserole by Pryex!

 Pattern: Snowflake Blue

 Cute, right? AND it had the cover!

 I think it would work great for a casual relish tray...

Like I said, I'm done buying casseroles - we have plenty! But I still have an eye out for bowls... there's just something fun about using vintage items in the kitchen :)


  1. I found a Fire King swirl bowl this week & last week! Not Jadeite though... I'm in the club - I want one too! Too jealous of your grandma, lol.

    My boyfriends grandpa has the pink set of Butterprint Serve & Stores, he won't part with them. SOOO MAD. We offered to pay him, buy him brand new dishware, LOL. My boyfriend says he has a lot more too.

    Love all your other Pyrex finds. Spring Blossom Green is one of my favs!

  2. wow! always lovely to find so much Pyrex!

    The Joyful Thrifter

  3. Everything always tastes better in Pyrex!

  4. All that beautiful Pyrex/Fire King ware. You did well.