Monday, July 9, 2012

The Rehearsal

Grizz and I like our adventures - hiking, camping, rock climbing, etc, etc. So, for our wedding rehearsal, we chose to do an adventure theme! My family is used to fun rehearsals (see pictures below), but to encourage Grizz's side to dress up as well (and to let everyone know we were serious about this theme!), I put on the invites that prizes were involved :)

The rehearsal was at the church of course, but we also decided to have the supper at the church as well. Grizz's mom was great and organized all the food... there's a BBQ place in the "bigger" town nearby that she ordered the food from. We all had so much fun just hanging out in the basement with the food, that we never did get the yard games/camp fire out like it said in the invite. 

Gosh, our friends and families are such good sports! Haha! We had a snowboarding Luigi, a rodeo clown, tennis buddies, backpackers, surfing Californians and lots of hunters!

As always, Mom loves to have fun with my family's last name. Can you guess what it is from what she's wearing on her head? :)

 Sadly, we didn't get a pic of all of Grizz's fam... but here is my family pic!

 And here's all my college girls! We all ran on the XC/Track team and most of us lived together at one time or another during our college careers. (Two of the years had five of us in a house together!) They were dolls and all dressed up too :)

And as promised, glimpses of other family wedding rehearsals...

 Mom finally gave up her dream of visiting Hawaii, and instead brought Hawaii to us at my oldest brother's rehearsal. She even had live fish in fishbowls as centerpieces!

We toned it down a bit for my other brother's wedding rehearsal... just the decorations provided the theme. Go Jackrabbits! (College Mascot)

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