Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Super-Secure-Triple-Knot Tutorial

Growing up, Mom always tied quilts and quilted projects with yarn, just like her mother did before that, and just like most church quilting ladies still do (although some use crochet thread!). I, however, have always preferred to tie quilts with embroidery floss. In my opinion, the knots stay nicer longer!

The first time I went to church quilting out here, I learned a new way of tying. Most of the ladies at church don't like tying them this way, but the "leader" just loves it. She said it isn't necessary with yarn, but she still does it to secure it that much more. She also said that it's almost required when tying with embroidery floss! Well, guess I'll be doing this knot from now on!

So, here is the step-by-step process of the super-secure-triple-knot :)
*I can't show you the entire quilt just yet... it's a gift!!

 Unlike with embroidery where you often divide the floss into smaller bundles, thread your needle with the entire floss - all six(?) strands! Pull it through the eye of the needle until both ends are even. I like to tie my quilts at every corner - it covers my unmatched seams! Another common method is to put a tie in the middle of each square.

 Pull through your needle and cut. Don't cut it too short, as you are going to be making three knots with it. Besides, you can always trim it later.

 Make one knot like normal.

 Make the second knot like normal, too.

 Here's where it gets fun - separate the four strands.

 Take one from each side...

 And tie those together!

Pull tight and you're done! You just made a super-secure-triple-knot :)
Trim as needed...

Tying quilts by hand is a quick and easy method. I know most bloggers machine quilt, but I just had to share anyways!


  1. This is all new to me. Is tying the knots a way of securing the three layers together? Look forward to seeing the finished quilt...

  2. I have never tied my quilts. I just started quilting about this time last year and have taught myself everything I know...which may, or may not...be a good thing. But I would like to eventually do a quilt with this tying method whenever I get tired of sitting behind the machine and want to do something on the go. Maybe on my next road trip I will do a tie quilt. I have declared it now...road trip from Chattanooga, TN to Dallas, TX will be a quilt-tying adventure. Thanks for the tutorial.