Friday, July 6, 2012

Fourth of July Parade

Our parade started at 11, so thankfully it was AS hot here as so many other places. It still was warm enough that by the time the 2 hour parade was done, we were thankful for the many trees along the sidewalk!

 I think these guys were louder than the firetrucks! I'm not kidding! They were shooting off their muzzle-loaders non-stop... LOUD!

 Missile Carrier

 Community Band...

 ...instead of marching, they got to ride as they played various marches.

 We hoped they flushed out their tank really well before they went along the route - they were spraying water out of the arms. The people walking with them were soaked, haha!

 Of course, it's not a parade without a few old tractors. (It's also not a parade without some horses, but I didn't get a picture of those).

 Dad? Your old tractor is a Farmall right? This one made me think of the fun we had riding around in the bucket :)

And after all those old tractors? Yup, here came a huge head-less combine!

Overall, it was a fun parade. I went with Neighbor and her mother while Grizz went fishing with a buddy (the only thing they caught was sun!)

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