Sunday, July 1, 2012

Rock Climbing 101

Last weekend, Grizz and I took a group from our church out to the Rocky Mountain Front to do a little rock climbing. We had a good mixture of adults and youth - some had repelled before, but no one had ever rock climbed. Grizz was a supervisor at an indoor rock wall back at our college (I would often bring my girls there to support me as I tried to get to know Grizz more, haha!), so he was a great teacher to everyone who joined us for a fun Saturday afternoon!

There are some bolted routes in Blackleaf Canyon; the one we climbed was called "Rock Climbing 101." Grizz had climbed here before, but it was new to me. It was fun to be outside and get to know some of the church members a bit better in a new environment!

 Even our Pastor did it! We had an informational meeting after church the Sunday before, and one of the elderly ladies told Pastor that "this is not for you." Well, it took some effort, but he finally made it to the top. It's amazing what determination (with prayer of course) can do!

 I got to go up once too - it was a great route with lots and lots of hand and foot holds - just the way I like it!

 The sun may not have shined, but it was a great Saturday... lots of laughs and no injuries  (well, other than a few scrapes here and there - but really, you're not climbing 'till you're bleeding, right?!)

... and even a little time to take some pictures!

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