Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Quilt From My Past

This is one project that has stood the test of time. It may have gained some dirt over the years, but it has definitely seen some fun sights - this is a great quilt to keep in the back of the Xterra for any outdoor adventure!

 I made this raggy jean quilt back in high school as my first "patched" quilt for 4-H. I had already made a baby quilt, but that was just sewing to large pieces if material together and tying it with yellow yarn.

 The flannel was bought at a quilt shop in a neighboring small town that has since gone out of buisness. I bought the fun, variegated thread, too. I cut the flannel and the jeans the same size and then cut the batting an inch or two smaller. This is when my mother's cutting mat, ruler and rotary cutter took a turn for the worst (lots and lots of denim cutting is hard work!)... I do believe it's time she gets another set!!! The single-block sandwiches were sewn together with a big X through the middle - I used the triple stitch throughout the entire project to make sure it was secure. After that, I sewed the blocks into strips and the strips into the quilt.

After sewing all the way around it, it was time to clip... clip, clip, clip... each clip about an inch apart as close to the stitching as I felt comfortable (again, cutting denim is hard work... make sure you have a nice sharp fabric scissors!). The last step was to bring it to a laundromat to wash it and dry it in industrial-size machines - who knows what that kind of lint would do to a home washing machine and dryer!

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