Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Christmas in July: Tree Memories

Here I am, gazing longingly at the air conditioner, wanting to cool down our apartment...  but I'm holding out. We have a nice tower fan that is helping cool me down instead, and rather less expensively I might add :)

So, instead of turning on the air conditioner, I've decided to share our Christmas Tree Adventure from last year! Dreaming about snow is such a wonderful thing to do in July, don't you think?!

Introducing the characters: 
 Neighbor: it was our her first time out in the snow last winter.

Grizz: it was still elk hunting season and he was hopeful. 

Location: Lewis and Clark National Forest in the Little Belt Mountains... Christmas Tree Permits are about $5 I think.

 Grizz and I quickly picked out our tree. Our first tree together of our married life :)

While he hauled it back to the vehicle...

Neighbor and I just hung out... 

 ... and guarded the rifle.

After a long time of just walking around, Neighbor finally decided on a tree!

 And yes, that is a vintage sheet they are using to haul out her tree. I was feeling generous ;)

 We strapped both trees to the top of the vehicle (affectionately called Oslo, in case you were wondering)...

 ... and drove back to town. I, of course, was worried the entire way home that they were going to fall off! They may have slid a bit, but thankfully, neither tree fell.

Next year, we'll use Neighbor's Boyfriend's truck. That should be easier!

Yup, I'm feeling cooler already. Don't you just shiver a little bit thinking about playing in the snow?! Fun times!!

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