Saturday, June 23, 2012

Talkin' 'bout... Two Quilts

It's still hard to believe that I survived quilting both of these quilts on the machine. I'm slowly making my way around the first one, hand-stitching the binding to the back of the quilt during evening movies or afternoon chats with the neighbor. 

 My vintage sheets quilt (Giant Vintage Star - In Color Order) quilted up much better than my first one (Disappearing Nine-Patch). Both of them have tucks here or crooked lines there, but the first one has a few tucks on the front PLUS I had to deal with a steep learning curve that included skipped stitches and jagged lines. I learned a lot and that is seen by studying the vintage sheets quilt!

 I quickly attached the binding to the front of this quilt on Thursday morning, so I could bring both quilts in to show the quilting ladies at church.

 They did such a good job of oohing and ahhing for me... when you're stuck by yourself in your apartment and things aren't going so well (the fabric is tucking over or the stitches are getting skipped), it's easy to feel discouraged. When I brought them in to the church basement, the ladies just went crazy... they thought the quilts were so beautiful and they couldn't believe I did it - things I needed to hear to help the discouraged feelings float away!

Once I get the hand-stitching done on both binding, I'll take pictures of both to show off on here!

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  1. Heidi,
    I love the giant vintage star! So lovely! On my list of things to do!