Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fishing in the Mighty Mo

There's Grizz... the fisherman.
Well, he's still learning how to use that fly rod he bought last year, but he's getting it!

 A few weeks ago, we took our Neighbor and her mother down to a fishing area on the Missouri River, as Neighbor's Mom wanted to try out fly fishing. Neighbor and I were ready with our cameras!

 She wore my waiters and Grizz wore his, so he could talk her through it for awhile.

 After a few instructions, Grizz left her to it...

 There she is! Fly fishing for the first time - and in the Missouri River, no less! And yes, we were pretty close to an interstate bridge, so we could hear the lovely, natural sounds of cars and trucks whizzing by :)

 Neighbor and I amused ourselves with taking pictures, chatting, and looking at cloud shapes.

 These butterflies definitely captured my attention for awhile!

Aren't they just beautiful?!

 Grizz tried it a bit more before we left and finally caught something!

Isn't it cute ;)

Regardless of not being able to fry any fish up for supper, it was an amazing way to spend a Friday night!

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  1. Oh, I am jealous! The weather here is way too hot for the fishing to be any good.