Saturday, June 23, 2012

Random Instagrams

OK. After this post, I'm officially caught up on my Instagrams! Wahoo!

Nature Related:
Grass stains after playing VB with the Church Kids!

Snow and Flowers at the same time. Thank you MT for this anomaly!

 Crafty Related:
I was so excited to finish the quilt top (putting the border on) that when I realized that I had left the pin cushion in the other room, I just kept sewing... and used my jeans instead. Now that's crafty thinking ;) 

Hmmm... maybe I shouldn't wear shorts while sewing large projects? A pin may have scratched my leg (it's a nice scab now), but I did get that binding sewn on! 

 Two quilt tops machine quilted within seven days of each other. Not too bad for someone how had never machine quilted before! Only one more quilt top to go, then it's on to new projects! Hand sewing the binding is saved for nights while watching movies with Grizz :)

Last but not least:
 I put these four instagrams in a collage for easier viewing... 

Green Bowl: Fire King Jadite. I WANT ONE SO BADLY! I just wasn't ready to spend the money on this one. Besides, it's fun to be looking for something. Along with a mixing bowl, I also hope to have a jadite batter bowl someday :)
Pink Glasses: Jeanette Glass Company made Adam Depression Glass. It's one of Mom's patterns. These were way over-priced. Mom has two already, anyways!
Flour Sifter: Mom had one exactly like this. She's not sure where it is anymore...
Decorated Sewing Basket: The tag said it was Chinese. There's a similar one in worse condition in my mom's sewing area. I guess it belonged to my great-grandmother.

It's always fun to find things you recognize while walking around antique stores, thrift shops and garage sales. Thank goodness for phones so I can act like Mom is walking right beside me ;) I look forward to when I actually can be looking for treasures right beside my mom, mother-in-law, sisters-in-law, etc again... patience!

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