Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy Birthday, Nephew!

It is one of my nephew's birthday today! He turns 2!

He likes to wear hats. A lot. A few months ago, I saw a picture of him wearing on of his dad's scrub caps. That's when I decided he needed one of his own! 
(The pants are from Made by Rae's pattern Big Butt Baby Pants using the 2T size)

I have a pattern for adult scrup caps, as I made his dad one for Christmas (little boy's cap is from the leftover fabric!). So, I asked my sister-in-law to measure little boy's head. I just kind of winged it after that... I tried to follow the pattern for the crown but I didn't trust myself cutting out the top of the hat, so I just pinned the crown to a square of fabric and hoped for the best as I sewed around it :)

 Here's the finished product! I am crossing my fingers that it somewhat fits the little boy's head, but I'm not trying to get my hopes up...

Here's the back... if you read all the way to the bottom of the post, I'll show you how I finish off ties made from bias tape :)

 While making the cap, I was very, very worried that the finished product wasn't going to look at all like a scrub cap, but I didn't like envisioning my little nephew in a do-rag... so I used the stitches on my machine to put the little doctor's name on it... no mistaking this scrub cap as a do-rag, right?!

 One last picture. Yay for being able to sew for little ones :)

Semi-Tutorial ~ Finishing off Bias Tape Ties/Straps

As promised, here's how I finish off bias tape ties. I figured this out while I was sewing all those pillowcase dresses for Hopeful Threads' April project...

 I open the end of the bias tape up...
 ...fold it under a bit...
 ... then I fold in one side of the bias tape...
 ... and then the other (it's kind of like folding up a paper airplane!).
 Then, you just fold it onto itself. Pin it.
Sew it! Don't forget to backstitch!

For the scrub cap, I started on one end of a tie, sewed toward the cap, sewed the bias tape onto the cap, and then finished at the other end of a tie... all one continuous stitch. It's the same for attaching the straps to a pillowcase dress!

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  1. That's a GREAT way to finish off bias tape, Heidi!! No way will that ever fray!!! I prefer your way to the way I've been doing mine. Thanks for the tip. Bet your nephew loves his scrub cap...