Sunday, May 13, 2012

For the Gmas

I decided to make some things for the Grandmas for Mother's Day as well :) Grizz and I only have one Grandma each, and we treasure them so!

 I decided on potholders...  (these went to my gma)

 Using designer fabric I have on hand (I rarely buy designer fabric, but I love using it on projects like these!), I made each Grandma one square and one rectangle potholder.

 I also decided to throw in a hand towel to my gma - I made two of these while deciding what to make for my sister-in-law's birthday, but it just didn't seem right for her.

 I've already used one of the towels, but this one hadn't been used yet, so I squeezed it into gma's package. I'll post about them how I made them another time...

 And here are the potholders for Grizz's grandma's potholders.

Happy Mother's Day ~ my grandmothers are loved :)

**I use one layer of insul-brite and one layer of thin, cotton batting in my potholders. I save all of my batting leftovers from quilts for small projects like this! I believe that the square potholders are 8"x8" and the rectangular are 8"x10" - just don't ask me why I chose those sizes because I don't remember my reasoning! :)


  1. Those are so cute I'm sure your G'mas were thrilled to get something made by you. So thoughtful.

  2. I would love to follow your blog but I don't see a way to sign up :(

    1. Hey Patrica! I've added a few gadgets on the side that hopefully helps... sorry I didn't have them up before!

  3. Great projects. Love the towel.

  4. What wonderful gifts, I'm sure they just loved them! Thanks for sharing!
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  5. Your potholders look so professionally sewn!!! What did you use inside the potholders as batting? Thanks for linking up your projects today. I've loved looking through them.