Sunday, May 6, 2012

Instagrams :)

 We finally finished a puzzle Grizz bought for us to do on quiet Winter evenings... He now plans on using old barn wood to make a frame :)

 Another shot of my little hexies during Science class.

 The final reflection on one of my daily devotions last week. Kindness.

 Grizz got his bow this week! He's pretty excited :)

 So, this isn't an instagram, but it is from a new app I got this past week. It's called Splashcam and it picks out what ever color you want and makes that visible against a blank and white background. I like it!

Neighbor has a friend staying with her for three weeks (she has an internship out here), so we had lobster on the night she arrived. It's the second time Neighbor has made it for us! Yum.

This one is a few weeks old, but it's right before the big road race... I'm lucky to have a guy that likes to run with me :)

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