Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Icebreaker 3mi Race

This past Sunday a road race was held in town, affectionately called the Icebreaker (normally around this time, ice might be breaking on the river... this winter was warmer than usual!) Now, I've ran in big races before - big cross country meets with lots of runners in them - but never anything like this. However, in the three races held on Sunday, over 3000 participants either walked or ran. There were over 1000 in the 3mi alone. That's the race that Grizz and I did :)

See, there's Grizz...

... and me. (Don't stare at my arms, don't stare at my arms... someone just remind me to keep my elbows in, PLEASE!)

And here's Grizz finishing. You can subtract about 20 seconds off the time in the picture. Because we wore timing chips, our official time is found by subtracting the amount of time it takes you to cross the starting line after the race begins... that way, you are only timed for the actual 3 miles.

And me... only about 40 seconds behind my man. Again, subtract 20 seconds from the time in the picture, please :) And remember that I didn't run that much this winter, so I'm not in the shape I want to be. (I'm still adjusting my mindset from collegiate athlete to just a girl who wants to stay healthy!)

Waving at the camera :) Thanks Neighbor for taking pictures!

We did it! The temperatures set a new record for the race... it was 76 degrees out! HOT! Last year, Grizz ran it and it was cold and snowy. Crazy.

One last fun shot from the Neighbor. I don't want to sound negative, but this is not my favorite piece of art in the city... what do you think?

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  1. That bison-fish is hilarious!
    Great job on your run, I love running, too! I did a run today and it was 95 degrees outside! Ouch, I guess I will have to start my days really early again!