Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Buzz.... Buzzz.....

 Our apartment is just turning into a zoo lately! (Yes, the birdies are still fluttering around our dryer vent... Grizz will have to clean that out again soon).

Well, today, I didn't get called to substitute, so I was busily finishing up a quilt top. I took two finished quilt tops outside on our patio to take pictures. The door was open during this time. I did shut it, though, when I was all done.

A little while later, I heard a buzzing noise. I figured it was outside the open window near me, which explained why it it was such a loud bee.

However, I did eventually look over in the direction of the buzzing, and lo and behold, a very large bee was buzzing around our apartment. Drats. I quickly snuck over to the patio door to open it, hoping to lure the bee outside.

Nope. It found the window. It liked the breeze coming through the screen. Sigh.

I decided to go into the bedroom and put away clothes. Maybe the bee needed privacy to find the open patio door. That didn't work either. AND, much to my dismay, ANOTHER bee had found its way into our apartment.

Patio door shut.

I then stole away to the second bedroom to make a bee trap (google it... I made mine out of our recently emptied milk jug). Then, I was safely off to Walmart.

Grizz was scheduled to arrive home around noon for lunch. Once I got home from Walmart, I just laid low until my bee-killing husband came home. I did manage to trap one bee between the window screen and the window.

Grizz came home and quickly got rid of the free bee. The trapped bee must have found a crack between the screen and the outside because it was gone before Grizz could kill that one.

Grizz wasn't very impressed with my inability to smush the bees myself. I have never liked creepy-crawling-buzzing creatures. I have reached the point where I can kill spiders with kleenex. I still shriek a bit when a snake surprises me, and I still freeze whenever something is buzzing near me. When I had a basement bedroom in my college house, I kept a sandal in the bathroom as my bug-killing-shoe. I could easily squash bugs with that thing! Maybe I need to make a new bug-killing-shoe out here... but that's what Grizz is for, right?! :)

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