Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Winter's Walk in Glacier

Sometimes I just like skimming through my pictures on the computer. Sometimes I realize that I forgot to blog about different events. Hope you don't mind taking a few random walks down memory lane with me :) 

Here's one for you... A Winter's Walk in Glacier
 This past December, Grizz and I decided to go on our first wintery adventure - xc-sking in Glacier NP. 

However, there are road barriers since the park is closed to vehicles during the winter. We knew this, but we hoped there'd be enough snow on the roads for our xc-skis. And even if we couldn't do that, hopefully we could at least snowshoe. No such luck. Not enough snow. Walking is all we could do (or jog for a few feet like Grizz did).

 This is a picture of gooseberry island in St. Mary's Lake. That's Fusillade MT in the middle of the picture. Grizz has been on the top of that mountain; he went on a mountaineering day trip last Spring.

 Big animal prints, huh? Why am I not wearing boots, you ask? Well, being it our first winter excursion and the fact that I figured we'd be xc-skiing, it didn't cross my mind that I should have boots along! Ha. I could have worn my xc-skiing boots, but they don't walk well with out the skis. So, Nikes with lots of socks is all I had.

 If you haven't been to Glacier yet, you really should check it out. Simply gorgeous.

 Writing utensils out of ice...

 Ice on rocks...

 It was fun finally playing in some snow :)

 Just sitting around...

 And I'll end with a little artistic shot for you.

Even though we couldn't xc-ski, we still had fun just walking on the closed road. Winter just flew by this year (I know, we could still get some storms in March), and even though I love snow, I'm really looking forward to the warmer temps of Spring and Summer!

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  1. Beautiful shots! I love the color in that first shot and the perspective and texture in the last shot. Thank you for sharing!