Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Block #6 Shoo-Fly

It took me awhile to get started on this block. Perhaps the thought of 52 pieces stopped me. Also, after not exactly loving my fabric choices from last week, I was nervous choosing the print for this week. I knew I wanted blue, so I grabbed this thrifted sheet from my stash and cut it up... Looking at it now, perhaps I should have went with a darker shade, but with a black-based sashing around it, I think it will pop a lot more!

That's right. 52 pieces. And I survived! It was actually a pretty fun block to make. The instructions over at Why Not Sew? (the "leader" of the Hand-Pieced Quilt-A-Long) said to trim the half-square triangles once they were sewn together. I chose not to do that (I believe lazy is the word to describe me sometimes). I still turned into a 6" square - 6.5" with seam allowances of course :)

I think I may be crazy for showing you a close up of this... a few tucks, a few mismatched seams, but it all comes together, right?

 Here they all are together... even the rouge Blue Bear Paw... all my hand-pieced blocks so far... 6 more together!

 Another shot. I'm proud :)

 I look forward to the upcoming blocks, since I'll have more options for arrangements. But I'm still planning on a black-ish sashing and border with a scrappy binding to bring it all together.

 As for the giant? He'll get a special project. At the moment I'm thinking of creating something new that will replace something old in the following picture:

 Can you guess what I'm planning for Giant Blue?


  1. Did you hand piece that block? Hats off to you if you did. All of the blocks look great...and I'm guessing you're making a new chair cushion.

    Vicki @ Quilting Lodge

  2. I admire your patience. I don't think I could get into hand piecing. Short attention span these days. Keep up the good work your project will be a real treasure when finished.

  3. I think all your blocks look fantastic! The shoe fly does seem a bit more "involved" but it did come together nicely. My mom always tells me (when I'm pointing out the tucks and mismatched seams) if it's too perfect looking it lacks the hand made look and feel and loses some of charm and coziness too. Anyway, nice job!