Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sub File #6

How students try to hide their phones or ipods:

Sweatshirt on their laps? Yeah, their phone is hidden in the folds.
**I've even seen them trying to hide it in their ball caps on their laps.
Reading a book? They might be just acting like they're reading... the phone is really there instead.
Purse or bookbag on the desk? More than likely the phone is hidden near or underneath it.
Hands on their ears? They're trying to hide the earbud cords stuck in their ears.

Tips for the students: I know what you're doing. Especially when the lights are off during the movie and all of a sudden there's a light glowing on your face... phones give off light :)

This may sound like a bitter post, but really, I'm just trying to help the students out... you know, trying to let them know that they have to come up with new ways of hiding their toys. Teachers know.

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