Saturday, March 3, 2012

Reversible Bucket Hat

 Remember I was talking about my new nephew arriving on Monday? Well, I decided to make his older brother a gift as well. He deserves something for becoming an older brother!

So, he gets this... a reversible bucket hat. I hope it fits!!! I found the tutorial and FREE pattern (score!) here. This was my second "Sew Much Ado" pattern/tutorial that I've followed, and both have turned out great. It's pretty amazing when someone provides a tutorial AND the pattern. 

 My brother's family lives in Cali, so I thought the sailboats and the fishes were perfect. AND, Cali Nephew seems to like red. I wonder which side he'll like better?

 I did change a few small things from the tutorial/pattern. I added a few lines of top-stiching that she didn't say to and I mixed up the coloring scheme a bit with the reverse side having a red top instead of having it all blue.

The fabric was all flannel that I got for $1.50 from JoAnn's on Black Friday! Those 3 hours spent in the cutting line was so worth it :)

I hope little Cali Nephew likes it!

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