Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hand-Pieced QAL Block #5

If you've been around the bloggy-square lately (or even just Pinterest), you've probably seen plenty of these "Granny Squares." I like them because they do remind me of crocheted granny squares. I, however, am not sold on the scraps I used to make my first granny square. I'm still undecided.

All three fabrics come from 4-H outfits back in the day. The blue was a dress that I accessorized with a gold belt and a straw hat. The light pink was my first choice for a poodle-skirt... but when Mom was trimming around the appliqued kitty (I did a kitty instead of a poodle), she accidentally cut the fabric. So, we got the dark pink instead and started all over. She's going to love me for reminding her of that horrible day. I even had saddle shoes to go with that outfit. Gosh, I wish I had access to my childhood photo albums so I could scan some of my Fashion Review memories to share with you. Someday, once we're back in our home-state again, I'll let you see young-Dove's 4-H outfits!

Anyways, back to the block. It came together quickly - as in maybe an hour last Sunday night and a prep period at school on Monday. Like I said, I'm not sure if I like the fabric arrangement, so I might redo this one before I put my quilt together. Also, this block turned out about a 1/2 smaller than my other blocks.... just another reason to try again!

Head HERE to see the instructions and to catch-up on the QAL from "Why Not Sew?"!


  1. What a great block, I like the fact I have some of that blue! I've made a coupl grany squares too.

  2. I've been thinking about starting a granny square collection of my own. My mom crochet a queen sized bedspread for us for a wedding gift over 40 years ago, that thing is heavy and COLORFUL.