Saturday, March 31, 2012

My Friends :)

We have a large empty lot outside our apartment building, which is a better view than just more buildings in my opinion... especially, because the entire empty lot is home to my friends :)

Meet my friends...

 Yup, lots of gophers live out beneath the ground. Most people complain about these little guys (the ones who live out in the empty lot and others that are everywhere throughout the city). They dig up lawns and eat flower bulbs.

 But to me, they are cute little, energetic friends who entertain me while I'm home. They give out little squeaks when they're on lookout that can be heard in our apartment even when our windows are shut - annoying? Nope, just fun :)

 And look at their tiny little arms... how can you not think these guys are cute?!

And of course, they bring more entertainment by being targets for stray animals... this cat stayed watch over the same hole for about 10 minutes before it got bored. Grizz has actually seen a cat catch one.

No, I'm not crazy... I know these gophers are pests and are annoying to some people. I wouldn't be against killing a few just to control the population. But please, just admit that you can see the cuteness in my friends :)

PS: When ever I see them on lookout, I always think of this song from on of the Lion King movies - check it out!

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