Saturday, March 31, 2012

First Rummage Sale of the Season

 Three dollars total. Not too shabby for the first garage sale of the season!

 First up: Christmas ornaments! Sure, I make most of the things we hang on the tree, but these will be a great addition next year!

 I also picked up some cookie cutters... I have yet to decide if these will be used for cookies of if I'll attach them to gifts or just hung on a tree: lots of choices! When you're at an antique store, these can often be a dollar a piece or more, so getting them for less than that was great!

Last but not least, the green depression glass sherbet. When I was at the sale, I knew I recognized it as a true depression glass piece, but I wasn't sure if I could trust my gut instinct of the "Block Optic" pattern. Well, after a quick internet search, I was right! It's one of the most available depression glass pattern, but this sherbert still worth $2-$3 on Ebay - I'm glad I grabbed it! It looks great next to my "Miss America" sherbet and it holds my measuring tape perfectly :)

I do have to restrain myself at rummage sales/thrift stores/etc. We have plans to move back to the Midwest in a year or so, so I can't keep piling up stuff only to have to pack it up and haul it home. So, I will only purchase things that we can bring to my parents' place to store when we visit this summer or things that I will use up before we move home (fabric). Of course, if things are small and a great deal, I won't be passing them up - what's a couple more boxes to put in a moving trailer ;)


  1. LOVE the depression glass. So pretty.

  2. Rummage sales have not popped up in our area yet - you found some nice items, gotta love rummage sales.

  3. I can't wait for tag sale season to start around here! I love your two Depression glass pieces--gorgeous together.