Monday, March 26, 2012

Two More Hand-Pieced Blocks

 Block #7 Card Trick

Block #8 Friendship Star

The blue fabrics are a random bunch - thrifted, remnants, and even some scraps from sewing pants for my newest nephew. The purple fabrics are also a mixed bunch - the dark purple is from one of my favoritest (yes, I did just type favoritest) dresses I ever made for 4-H and the light purple is from a quillow I made my niece for Christmas.

I only have 4 more blocks to sew and we're done! Wow, it's gone by fast. I have Block #9 cut out and waiting for a day of subbing to finish it ;) I HAVE TODAY OFF! (I don't usually have a day off from substitute teaching, so I'm greatly enjoying today!)

Reminder: The QAL is from Why Not Sew? - go check it out!


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  2. I can see you have been spammed by Dubai of all places! Anyway - it seems you too are on a blue streak. Love the crisp blue and white combo of your blocks and hand piecing, impressive.