Monday, February 20, 2012

Tie Onesie and Another Pair of Pants

I ordered this fabric online - my first time EVER ordering online! It's from Connecting Threads and it was on sale :)

When I ordered it, I knew it would make some very fun baby boy pants (using this pattern), but when Neighbor saw it, she instantly thought it would be a great tie applique... so, I did both! The tie print-out came from this tutorial.

The onesie is a 6-9months onesie from Walmart and the pants are an altered 6-12month size. I just hope that Cali Baby is able to wear them at the same time at least once! But, perhaps it's too matchy-matchy... OK, I'll change my hope - I just hope that my brother and sis-in-law approve of the outfit! 

It will obviously be a few months before Cali Baby can wear it (he's due in 2 weeks!), but I wanted to get the project done in time to send it with the other gifts! Still working on a few projects... I'll show everything that I'm sending before I box them up and put them in the mail!

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