Sunday, February 19, 2012

Road-trip to Missoula

A few weeks ago, we had planned on taking a trip to Missoula (I need to start seeing some of these Big Sky cities!). However, that was the same weekend that Grizz hurt his back snowboarding, and we pushed the "vacation" back. This weekend, thanks to Presidents' Day, we have a three-day weekend. Thus, it was road-trip time!
We started Saturday morning with a snowshoe hike. We've been spoiled this winter, rarely having to drive on roads like this. By the time we were down snowshoeing though, the roads were dry.

Grizz was great and drove the entire time...

 ...therefore letting me crochet for upcoming Cali-Baby and sew quilt block #4.

 The scenery was so much fun - we only saw a few deer, but we love this sign!

Random picture of my driver's hat. It was a great weekend for our university's basketball teams!

 Mountain states are so weird sometimes. We had to drive over the mountains to get to Missoula... it was quite snowy in the mountains and on the Missoula side of the Rocky Mountain Front. However, on our way back, this is what awaited us on the east side of the Front. NO SNOW. Remember, this is February, so like I said... weird. Grizz calls it the "dry and moist adiabatic lapse rate."

While in Missoula, we enjoyed the hotel hot tub, various eating places (no cooking!), a brewery, a winery, JoAnns (I had coupons, and their store is bigger than ours!), REI, and a 4-level antique mall. I refrained from buying anything there, knowing that our apartment is already full. We did buy some fun stuff at REI though. Grizz got some quick-draws and I got some different climbing shoes... these won't squish my feet like my other pair! We may enjoy playing in the snow, but we also look forward to summer activities like rock climbing!

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